CloudFX Introduction

At CloudFX we follow a model with three stages of IT transformation. Following this model provides us with a measurable, phased and pragmatic approach to the delivery of positive and sustainable IT transformation for our clients. We help clients evolve away from expensive and underutilized IT to an elastic and scalable “IT as a service” model.

CloudSelect Cloud Service Brokerage Platform

We’ve come to realize that no single vendor is in a position to deliver the level of change that enterprises require for all that IT transformation and cloud enablement entails. So we worked hard and assembled the strongest cloud partner ecosystem in the industry, and then we built multi-vendor cloud platforms – including our CloudSelect Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) and CloudConsult platforms – which feature dedicated client portals, single billing and Tier-0 and Tier-1 multi-vendor support.

CloudFX has leveraged comprehensive experience in the domain of helping businesses fast track their evolution to a service broker model in developing our own managed CSB platform, CloudSelect. The CloudSelect platform is a highly optimized starting point for enterprises that are ready to fast track their journey of IT Transformation and realize the unprecedented benefits that cloud offers.

CloudSelect allows enterprises to pick and choose from over 100 different cloud services from global, regional and local providers. All of the services included in CloudSelect have been thoroughly validated and tested by CloudFX and present the best products in the industry today. CloudSelect eliminates the complexity of portfolio choice by doing this work for you, and our experts are also available to give you impartial help if you need it.