sherman_chin ResizeAhead of the event we caught up with Sherman Chin, Founder & CIO, Sherman3D. Check out what he has to say:

How has technology such as cloud supported your growth?

“One important aspect of cloud technology is how ubiquitous it is. It allows my international development team to work online from anywhere in the world. This has helped us tremendously as we move our development operations online. We have our documents edited and stored online, we have our project management online, we have our video conference sharing sessions online, and we even have our game sessions online. These online activities are made possible with cloud technology…”

Do you think cloud has an important role in the gaming industry and do providers give you enough support?

“Yes, cloud does play an important role in the gaming industry and providers do give enough support. As broadband penetration increases, this becomes less of an issue so early implementations of Cloud gaming might have been too early for its time. I do see a bright future though. We just have to match the optimum sort of games to Cloud gaming as the technology progresses…”

Speaker Interview With Sherman Chin

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