Jason Lo

Tune Talk

When Jason Lo first helmed the controls of Tune Talk as CEO, it was his first foray into the telecommunications industry. He went through a steep learning curve in order to quickly understand how the telco business worked. In his own words: “Thank God for Wikipedia!”

The first thing he realized is that many telco subscribers were not getting realistic rates. The public in general had effectively been fooled by a climate of confusion based on various pricing models and plans from incumbent players within the industry.

Lo knows that he needed to make a change.

Under his stewardship, Tune Talk rolled out its commercial services on 19 August 2009, featuring the lowest flat calling rates and never-seen-before incentives. Having the underserved segment in mind, Lo and his team set out to offer a hi value voice, data and short messaging service (SMS) package that meets the consumers’ demand for a simple, value-for-money product with easy accessibility and widest distribution reach.