Tarun Sukhani


MaxMoney is a rapidly growing homegrown financial services company and the first local company to obtain a full-fledged MSB License (MSB supermarket) by Bank Negara Malaysia (the Malaysian Central Bank). With 20 branches across Malaysia and more branches being added, the company is looking to expand its services, which currently include:

• Money Exchange
• Remittance
• Wholesale Banknotes (import & export)

As the CTO, responsibilities include:

• Overseeing the company's software product portfolio consisting currently of remittance and exchange products 
• Working with the board and senior management to lay out the product roadmap for new and existing products
• Formalizing, rationalizing, and optimizing the current IT department
• Recruitment of IT staff to meet product development needs and company growth aspirations
• Disrupting the money remittance marketplace :-)


Accomplishments include:

• Defined and implemented technical architecture and technology stack for new product pipeline using a mixture of Java, NoSQL and Big Data technologies

• Defined and implemented reactive microservice API for customer-facing e-commerce products

• Working with my team of 5 other IT professionals, created administration backend for customer-facing e-commerce products

• Working with an outsourcing company and my local team, helped create mobile UIs for customer-facing e-commerce products in Mobile Angular UI and Supersonic.