William Wong, VP, Business Development, Serverware


"This is a good event, totally refreshing! The speed Networking is excellent, there are a lot of business opportunities to explore."

Aaron Kok, Marketing Executive, MyKris

"Speed networking was a very fruitful discussion with VIPs and Speakers. There are definitely a lot of chances to explore on business opportunities!"

Mustakizah Jawara, Head of Clinical Unit Premier & Wellness Centre, KPJ JPH

"Cloud events like this one give a lot of opportunities to everyone, not only in Malaysia, but also in the SEA region, to be well connected with industry leaders."

Ian Charlesworth, Manager, Datacom Systems


"Was really great, even much better than a round table discussion!"

Eizzar Supiar, Head of Strategic Partnership, Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd


"We definitely need more speed networking sessions like that!"

Joan Lai, Head of Innovation & Business Development, University of Malaysia


"Speed Networking allowed me to meet with the presenters and technology leaders. Cloud South East Asia is a real portal for further community building. Thanks for great arrangement."

Jason Heng, Head, IT Strategy, YTL Communications


"Yes, it is a very interesting concept and the speed of introduction makes it more fun than the usual roundtable concept.  "

Tarun Sukhani, MaxMoney, CTO


"I enjoyed panel discussions, enterprise mobility presentations and speed networking sessions. Good venue and great networking opportunities."

Sherman Chin, CIO, Sherman 3D


"The conference is very well planned and organized. Everything was running smoothly and I look forward to such efficiency from the organizers in the future."

Daniel Loi, System Software Engineer, Advanced Health Care Solutions Sdn Bhd

"Very informative and well organised event offering a chance to to meet important new vendors and knowledgeable  speakers"

Najib Habib, CEO, Israk Teh SB

"What a great and new way of meeting people in the industry!"

Wong Chee Voon, Sales Director, Peering One

"Speed Networking offered a great opportunity to meet potential partners and informers"

Deb Tan, Head of Billing, Digi Telecom

" Speed Networking – a quick way to get to know vendors/ exhibitors and their services/ products. Good opportunity to create some awareness and interest to further explore."

Ben Chin, Head of Sales, Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services


"Networking at Cloud Sea proved to be fruitful and we got a positive feedback from attendees"

Ethan Siewm, Director Application Development, DK Energy

"Executive Speed Networking was a good platform enabling us to understand better the event participants and to explore collaboration opportunities."

Patrick Ho,SNR AVC Director ASEAN, Oracle


"Cloud SEA offered a great education and exposure of cloud to my companies. Format of tracks ie business model, technical is well organised too.."

Rohit Kanwar, CEO, Bistip


"I admire the initiatives of Informa on increasing the awareness of Cloud adoption in South East Asia. There’s a huge turnaround of industry leaders in the event and trying to achieve and solve the challenges of cloud adoption."